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    Why Powerblanket?

    Chemical products need to be stored in a safe environment with a regulated temperature to avoid freezing or to keep material from becoming too viscous. The Rapid Ramp technology employed by the BH30-RR heats your chemical products to a preset 100º F with amazing speed. The unique design of Powerblanket drum heaters, provides uniform heat distribution across the surface and acting as an insulation barrier. That's the beauty of Powerblanket's GreenHeat Technology™.

    Features :
  • Greenheat Technology™ spreads heat evenly
  • Eliminates hot or cold spots
  • Quickly heats drums to 100º F
  • Energy efficient - uses only 560 watts

  • Benefits :
  • Save money with energy efficient GreenHeat Technology
  • Extend shelf life of chemicals and spray foam products
  • Easy to install
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