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    The HB64ROOF is a bulk material warmer (Hot Box) that is designed specifically for the needs of the roofer. It's dummy proof, extra sturdy, and warm enough to use in the harshest winter climates of the US and Canada. These are used to thaw out pallets of shingles, warm up adhesive to proper application temp, and keep tools warm and protected.

    The HB64ROOF has a fixed thermostat of about 100F, pushes 1440 watts of power, and utilizes optimized heater design for heavy duty use. No more janky OSHA-nightmare handmade boxes out of plywood and Torpedo heaters.

    Key Features:

    • Preserve temperature sensitive materials
    • Quickly and effortlessly install the compact portable design
    • Localize heat and save money by not heating a warehouse or building
    • Lower energy-related costs with the highly efficient design
    • Keep roofing materials warm.
    • Prevent tools and equipment from freezing.
    • Stay on track
    • Save money by preserving critical materials
    • Work all season long
    • Fits 48" x 48" Pallet
    • Internal steel frame
    • High wattage (1440 watts) 

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