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    F1263 ChemLink DuraLink 35 Multi-Purpose Sealant White 10.1oz Cartridge. ChemLink DuraLink 35 is a multi-purpose, moisture cure, elastomeric sealant that combines economy and high performance. DuraLink 35 has excellent elastomeric properties which is ideal for a wide range of applications including difficult surfaces such as Kynar 500%u00AE PVDF and other anodized metals and coatings. DuraLink 35 is isocyanate free, paintable and SWRI validated for %u00B1 35% joint movement.

    Bonds to Kynar 500%u00AE PVDF coated metal. Solvent free, 100% solids will not shrink. Non-slump, applies vertically and overhead. 40 minute skin over. No outgassing on damp surfaces. Available in a wide range of roofing & siding colors. Color stability, will not suntan. Paintable within 24 hours (See limitations). +/- 35% joint movement.
    Box of 24 10oz tubes. 

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