Tie Down's TranzVolt Battery Powered Platform

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Tie Down will be launching a state of the art innovation for roofing and solar contractors!

No gas or power outlet? No problem with the new TranzVolt Powered Platform Hoist. It is the fastest, safest, most reliable and cost effective powered platform hoist in the roofing and solar panel installation markets.

In today's competitive market, time is extremely valuable. The Tranzvolt system saves time in setup and operation, enabling contractors to install more solar panels, roof more square feet, and lift more materials per day.

Powered with just two 20-Volt batteries!

The TranzVolt Powered Platform Hoist is the only lift in the market that can operate with the use of just two 20 - Volt batteries. The TranzVolt can lift 250 lbs. at 120-feet-per minute, making the TranzVolt the fastest powered platform hoist in the market.

Harnessing the power from just two 20-Volt batteries, the Tranzvolt works hard all day. On a single charge, the Tranzvolt can lift up to 6000 sqft of shingles onto a one-story roof. The TranzVolt is interchangeable with other major brands batteries as well.

Existing lifting hoists for roofers, solar installers, and general contractors either employ a gasoline-powered engine or a single speed, AC induction motor. The Tranzvolt system utilizes a modern, brushless motor system, allowing faster lift times, reduced weight, less maintenance, and quicker assembly.

The TranzVolt takes the standard concept of a platform hoist and drives it to the next level. Utilizing technology found in electric vehicles, our team of engineers harnessed the use of a brushless motor, an electromagnetic brake, and a lithiumion battery pack. The result is a great step forward in ease-of-use, performance, and safety.

One-Press Operation!

The powertrain and control systems were developed using the latest in mechanical and electrical design tools. The TranzVolt represents a new era of powered platform lifting hoists and a new era for Tie Down.

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With convenient one-press operation, operators can send the hoist up while preparing the next load. Multitasking improves efficiency. An automatic homing routine learns the height of the track section, so the Tranzvolt always stops safely at the top.



The wireless remote control system allows the operator to stand safely away from the load during operation.


The Tranzvolt system can lift at speeds up to 120 feet-per-minute, making it the fastest electric hoist on the market.


The all-electric powertrain system delivers consistent, maintenance free operation. No belts to service, no oil to change.


Simple, tool-free setup gets you up and running in under 5- minutes.


With no fuel or maintenance costs, the Tranzvolt system pays for itself through increased productivity.

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