The Ultimate Device RIDGEPRO Roof Peak Anchor

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The RIDGEPRO anchor is the ultimate device to help roofing professionals mount and dismount a ladder on steep-slope roofs. The RIDGEPRO grips the roof peak before the user steps off the ladder. It's pushed to the peak with an extension pole. A lanyard connects the RIDGEPRO to the user's safety vest. This allows the worker to install the anchor, then safely hoist himself onto the roof's surface. With it's durable design and it's maneuverability, the RIDGEPRO may be used repeatedly to ensure a worker never has to worry about falling when working on a steel-slope surface.

The ultimate tool to get you safely from the ladder to the peak and back. Includes a main body constructed of high-grade aluminum capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of pulling force, an adjustable pitch-selection grid with an incremental range of 6/12 to 12/12 pitches, two padded cross members to protect an existing surface material from damage and balance the user when transitioning on and off the ladder, four cross-member holes to receive 5/16” lag bolts for anchoring optionality, a stainless steel shackle to receive the rope and harness clip, a set of pre-installed wheels to roll The RIDGEPRO™ to and from the peak and a built-in coupler that receives a locking (not nylon-threaded) extension pole.

* Pole, Rope, and Harness sold separately *

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