Use Shur-Flo To Keep Gutters Clean

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This product allows rainwater from your roof drain through the patented perf-flow filtration system. Leaves, pine needles, twigs and even the smallest debris are suspended on top of the panel. Air circulation from above and below allows the leaves and debris to dry up and blow away.

Clogged gutters will eventually cause water to back up into the soffit of your roof, also damaging your landscape, basement or foundation, that is thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Shur-Flo is the simple & long lasting solution. Helps eliminate gutter cleaning in the fall or prevents hiring any more gutter cleaners. Shur-Flo is very economical, strong, effective & easy to use.

  • Patented, all aluminum heavy duty construction increases gutter strength and keeps them free flowing
  • Rounded front lip directs water into gutter without trapping leaves for maximum water dispersion
  • Front and rear fasteners lock the system in place adding strength to protect against damage caused by snow, ice and high winds
  • Smart screen prevents pests from building nests in your gutters
  • Hassle-free installation with included fasteners, fits over existing gutters

Happy Customers:

Mr. T. Jacobs, Dekalb, IL -

"Our gutters always overflowed in heavy rains. Not anymore!"

Mr. Jim Jamison, Nazareth, PA -

"With a two-story home, I was too old to be climbing a ladder to clean my gutters."

Mrs. J. Longden, Raytown, MO -

"The other gutter covers were very expensive. Shur Flo was the least expensive and I think the best."

Mr. Feldman, Hempstead, NY -

"I was worried about my roof warranty. All the gutter covers we looked at were installed under the shingles. Shur Flo works great!"

T. Pantaz, Kennesaw, GA -

"Lots of pine trees in our area. Two neighbors and myself had Shur Flo installed. We are all very pleased."

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