OSHA Can Now Inspect Your Jobsite Whenever They Want...Here's Why

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The U.S. Department of Labor sent a shockwave through the construction industry earlier this month when it announced that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) had begun a National Emphasis Program to prevent falls. Why did the announcement of this program cause such a commotion? Because it completely changed the way OSHA is able to open an inspection when dealing with fall prevention. Before the plan’s implementation, a violation would have to be reported or witnessed for OSHA to open an inspection. Now, they are able to open an inspection whenever they simply observe someone working at heights. This means that anyone who is working at heights should be prepared for a visit from an OSHA compliance officer at all times. The program was created to help reduce fall-related injuries and fatalities, which remains OSHA’s most frequently cited violation.

There’s no doubt that this program will change how the construction industry approaches fall protection. Perhaps the area most affected by this change is roofing. After all, working at heights is a staple of the job. If you feel your fall protection equipment or program isn’t up to OSHA’s compliance standards, we can help get you there. With over 50 years of experience in the area of fall protection, our team is here to help you identify and eliminate fall hazards. We offer high quality safety guardrail systems, horizontal lifeline systems, mobile fall protection carts, permanent and temporary anchor points, and soft goods. All from trusted brands in the industry, such as Guardian Fall Protection, Malta Dynamics, Leading Edge Safety, and many more. If you need the best fall protection equipment available, Big Rock Supply has you covered.

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