Moheco Chimney Flashing System, Will Outlast The Life Of Your Roof!

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Moheco chimney flashing system adds an extra layer of protection where the chimney meets the roof, a chimney can be found in different locations on the roof & depending on the location it will require different attention, to ensure water doesn’t penetrate the roof line. Moheco chimney flashing kit was made to adapt-to & fit different size chimney.

Moheco does its best to ensure water is diverted away from the roof line, by enforcing two layers of protection. The first layer is a traditional step-flashing system with base & cricket. The second layer features a pre-formed counter flashing with a nail strip that was designed to fit tightly against the chimney & cover the step-flashing. In addition, there is a mastic channel at the top to seal the counter flashing to the chimney.

These two factors secures a professionally finished job and helps cut installation time up to 50%. Moheco chimney flashing systems are available in retrofit & reglet style for a saw-cut application.

Chimney Flashing Kit:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Reduced prep time – No brake needed
  • Fits 90% of all single flue chimneys
  • 5 standard colors and 16 oz. copper
  • Professional Results
  • Great appearance
  • Available in Reglet Style for saw cut applications

*Copper Kits only available through special order*


Pro Flash Counter Flashing

  • Use on Chimneys and as Wall Dressing
  • Conceals Rusty Metal and Roofers Tar
  • Roofer Tested Design

Each Case Contains

  • 12 sleeves of four 32? counter flashings
  • Available in custom and standard lengths up to 12' lengths

Moheco Uniflash Chimney Flashing System

Moheco Proflash Chimney Dressing

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