Spray as You Walk W/ Keson PA35 Paint Applicator

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Keson’s PA35 Paint Spray Applicator was designed to help prevent any bending over, kneeling or crouching to ground level to mark your measurement(s), resulting in increased productivity. This tool is lightweight making it easy to move on & off the job site & slim for easy storage.

PA35 features a trigger just underneath the grip, fitting comfortably on your hand. Pulling the trigger fires off a burst of spray paint precisely where it is needed. PA35 allows you to work alone & faster than 2 or 3 people with a tape measure & a spray gun. This applicator includes a 34 in. shaft made from high quality steel in a tubular design for strength & durability. The waterproof paint can sleeve fits all standard U.S. inverted-style aerosol paint cans.


  • 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter that measures 9,999 feet, 11 inches without resetting. That’s almost two miles.
  • Pistol grip and trigger to spray paint exactly where you want it.
  • Weather resistant housing protects the counter.
  • Precision wheels molded from high-grade ABS, providing a lifetime of accurate measuring.
  • Paint can sleeve fits all standard US-style inverted aerosol paint cans.
  • Precision wheel molded from high-grade ABS.
  • Handle length 36”
  • Weight 2 lbs


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