How to Become a Jedi Master of Metal Working

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Some of our team recently took a trip to Greensboro, NC  to visit WUKO. If you cut, bend or seam metal, WUKO has a tool for you. We sat in on a European Sheet Metal Training class filled with contractors from all over the country to see how WUKO tools are used in the field. These men are skilled craftsmen and artists, driven by a desire to create beauty and permanence in the world. We broke bread and had some laughs with Karoliina Hakala, WUKO VP, and her fiancĂ© Patrick. We learned about her family's long history in the business. We sponged as much information as we could from Tommy Eban, Jedi Master of everything metal, who compliments his expertise with a positive energy that's contagious. We're so thankful for our time with the WUKO team!

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