Guardian HitchClip - A Revolutionary Roof Anchor System

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The HitchClip™ is the most revolutionary residential fall protection roof anchor ever made. Made from lightweight and durable powder-coated aluminum, the HitchClip™ is easy to install, and functions as a permanent rooftop anchor. Thanks to its patent pending “key-hole” design, the HitchClip™ can be used in combination with a large variety of accessories, allowing it to be used to set up guardrail systems, staging areas, and more.

The HitchClip™ although small, its breaking strength goes up to 5,000 lbs making it very reliable. The HitchClip™ is Ideal for roofers, contractors, and perfect for DIY’ers, keeping safety a priority without using other more complex safety equipment. Working on your roof & getting the job done fast while feeling safe & protected was guardians goal when designing this roof anchor.

The HitchClip can be quickly installed with four 3-1/2" (8.89 cm) PrimeGuard exterior screws or equivalent exterior screws anywhere there is a framing member to attach to. It has also passed all Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards. The HitchClip sets itself apart from the rest of the market with five irrefutable characteristics:


The HitchClip promotes 100-percent hookup. No longer do tradesmen need to access a ridge to install a fall arrest system; it can be installed from a ladder.


At nearly 1/3 the cost of most permanent fall-arrest components, The HitchClip System makes jobsite safety easy on the pocket.


It can be utilized as a whole-house fall arrest system as well as the base attachment unit for SAFE's full line of production staging accessories.


The HitchClip helps complete the job quickly with virtually no timely staging breakdown. It's fully adjustable with quick-connect staging devices that help with tool and material storage. It also provides a stable and safe platform to work on.


Due to its lightweight and small packaging, tradesmen can easily install their own personal fall-arrest system regardless of the work zone and layout of the roof.

Available in Black, Brown and Gray

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