Four Key Dimensions You Must Know

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How can you be sure you're using the best tool for coating a metal roof? With hundreds of metal roof panels out there, you're probably confused about which tool is best for you. We want to make it super easy for you to breeze through your next job.

There are four key dimensions:

  1. Rib Height: Measuring the vertical distance on the rib. (not on an angle)

  1. Base Width: Measuring the distance across the very base of the rib. (May be more convenient to measure at the gutter of the roof.)

  1. Top Width: Simply measure the distance at the top of the rib.

  1. Rib Frequency: Measure from the top left corner of one rib to the top left corner of the other rib.

By measuring your roof panel you can avoid the frustration of having the wrong tool and you will have the correct roller for your roof!

Click the video below to learn the 4 measurements you need to know to find the right tool for your next job.

Here is how to do it:

-Watch this video to learn how to measure your roof panel.

-Order the Tank Spreader and Hand Rollers with the right profile.

-Successfully apply coating on your ribbed panel.

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