Finish First Every Time With The RACE Roof Cutter

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What happens when you combine comfort, durability, and simplicity, with a 13hp Honda engine? The answer is easy. You get the RACE Roof Cutter. This beast of a roof cutter was designed to face your toughest tear-off projects head-on with little to no maintenance while on the job. If it does require a rare job site repair, it’s triple-wide, easy change V-belt makes it a quick and simple task. It also comes equipped with a heavy-duty air cleaner and blade shaft assembly. The air cleaner protects your engine and carburetor against fine particles, while the blade shaft assembly stands up to tough abuse. All these features, combined with the power of its Honda engine, make it a force to be reckoned with. Essentially, this machine was made to be put through the ringer and still come out looking good as new.

There’s no use in having all that power and durability if it’s painfully uncomfortable to use. That’s why the RACE Roof Cutter comes designed with an ergonomic handle, equipped with vibration control, to help reduce discomfort on the job. To increase its ease of use, it comes with a self-adjusting, pivoting blade guard that ensures uniform contact with the roof and helps with easy blade inspection. Its heavy-duty depth control rod also makes for easy height and depth adjustments.

If you’re looking for a combination of power, reliability and unmatched comfort, you’re looking for the RACE Roof Cutter. Come get one on our site today and finish first every time.


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