Enter the Red Dragon

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If you’ve ever been on a roofing job, you know mother nature can make things difficult. Whether it’s a nice layer of morning dew, some patches of ponding water, or a bit of frost chilling on the roof; she really knows how to add on to an already busy day. When she does decide to be a thorn in your side, you need to be prepared to deal with the obstacle she puts in front of you. If her obstacle of choice is a wet or frosty roof, there’s no better product than the Red Dragon Roof Dryer to help you power through it.

The Red Dragon was made to help get you back to the job at hand with minimal effort. It accomplishes this by combining high heat, up to 350 degrees, with a 200mph airstream. Any water, frost, or debris is going to be blown away by the power and efficiency of this dryer. It also has no electrical cords, which means you don’t need to worry about any electrical shocks.

Take a stand against mother nature with the Red Dragon and get one today for your next roofing job.


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