A Reliable Way To Get On The Roof !

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Acro’s ladder hook is a must have for safety. The ideal tool for climbing on a roof more safely; it is especially helpful when working with weak decking, wet or icy surfaces, and steep pitches. Secure almost any ladder to your roof simply by attaching Ladder Hook to a ladder, rolling them up the roof and flipping it over so the hook sits on the opposite peak. The Swivel head angles across roofing contours for maximum contact surface.

The reinforced rod around the hook results in a 300 lb. Capacity; only one hook is needed per ladder. When used with an extension ladder; only use 1 section to as- sure it sits properly flat on the roof surface. Use the ACRO's Ladder Hook with Wheel to help turn your existing wood, fiberglass, or aluminum ladder into a scaffold.

  • Swivel Head: Easily Angles Across Roof Contours
  • Fixed Caster Wheel for Ease of Rolling Up Safely
  • Heavy Duty Design: Reinforced Rod on Hook and Bracing at the Flex Point
  • Universal: Fits standard single or extension ladders with either round or D-rung style steps
  • Folds Flat For Storage
  • 300 lb. Capacity
  • Designed to adjust to fit between top 2 ladder runs
  • Built-in wheel on the ladder hook to allow the ladder to roll up your roof without damaging your shingles
  • Designed for weather resistance
  • Made in America


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