• Green Slope GS-KIT Roof Leveling Kit - 5 Gal. - GS-KIT
  • Green Slope GS-KIT Roof Leveling Kit - 5 Gal. - GS-KIT
  • Green Slope GS-KIT Roof Leveling Kit - 5 Gal. - GS-KIT
  • Green Slope GS-KIT Roof Leveling Kit - 5 Gal. - GS-KIT
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    GreenSlope is a new roofing material made from recycled products designed to reduce the depth of water ponding areas on flat rooftops. Made from Non-Biodegradable materials its built to withstand harsh weathering and last a long time. It’s unique properties allow it to be shaped and built up to redirect water towards drainage areas. GreenSlope is easy to work with and can be applied to almost any roof surface, commercial or residential. It can be use around Low Drains, near Scupper and Edges, as Walk Pads, protection behind Curbs, AC units, Roof Hatches and more.

    Compatible Roof Systems:

    • BUR Systems
    • SBS Modified Roofing Systems
    • APP Modified Roofing Systems
    • EPDM Roofing Systems
    • TPO Roofing Systems
    • Metal Roofing Systems
    • Foam Roofing Systems
    • Shingled Roofing Systems

    Compatible Top Coats:

    • Single Ply membranes
    • Polyurethane
    • Elastomerics
    • Self-Adhering modifieds
    • Roof Granules
    • Silicone or Urethane Caulking
    • Sand

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    Kit includes:

    • Recycled Rubber granules
    • Recycled EPS beads
    • 1 pint Primer
    • 1 quart Adhesive
    • 3 in. Brush
    • Rubber Gloves
    • Mixing Bag


    GreenSlope is made from recycled non-biodegradable materials and is built to withstand harsh weathering and last a long time. Each kit covers 9 sq ft and weighs just 2 lbs per sq ft at 1 inch depth


    • Identify the ponding area and mark an outline on the roof surface with paint. Thoroughly clean the area and make any needed repairs before installing to ensure a good bond


    • Mix the adhesive with the rubber granules. First, Pour 2/3 of the rubber granules into the enclosed trash bag and use the 5 gallon bucket to mix the remaining granules with the adhesive. Repeat this process while gradually adding the EPS beads until the mix is even and wet


    • Lightly Prime the area using the small pint can. The primer dries quickly, so be sure to mix the material just before, or immediately after priming

    Spread and Compress:

    • Pour the contents out over the desired area and spread the mixture using a trowel or straight edge. Compress the material thoroughly using a trowel, specially around the perimeter to minimize water infiltration

    * Once mixed with the adhesive, the material can only be worked while it is wet, so it is imperative to finish the installation before it cures.*


    What Is GreenSlope?

    Lightweight recycled materials, GreenSlope can be applied to the roof surface to fill low areas where water pools in flat rooftops. It comes in a do-it-yourself kit that can be installed on any roof type to bring the roof back to its original slope, eliminating problematic water ponding areas. When the material cures, the texture, and bond strength is similar to that of professional running tracks and playground surfaces — built to withstand harsh weathering conditions as well as foot traffic. This option can help extend the lifespan of a roof at a fraction of the time & cost it takes to install a new drain or tapered insulation.

    What types of roof systems does it work on?

    Single-Ply (PVC, TPO, EPDM), Modified Bitumen, Built-Up Roofs (BUR), Metal, Foam, Shingle

    What can you top-coat it with?

    White Acrylic, Aluminum Mastic, Modified Mastic, Elastomerics, Emulsions, Membranes

    How do I estimate the number of buckets I need?

    One kit covers 9 sq ft & weighs 2 lbs per sq ft at a 1” depth

    You can use the material estimation calculator: https://greenslope.co/estimate/

    How thick can it be tapered?

    GreenSlope can be tapered to just about any reasonable depth. For larger and deeper areas, you can add insulation to the roof surface before applying to achieve the most lightweight and efficient tapering solution.

    Is the material self-leveling?

    GreenSlope is not self-leveling. A trowel must be used to spread and level the material. It can also be built up and sloped to redirect water towards drainage areas


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