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    • Top intake hopper for DuraChute System
    • Total Length 4'
    • 29"W x 28"H Intake Dimensions
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Components
    • Shipping Weight of 63 lbs.
    • See DuraChute Manual for more information

    Additional Information

    CHUTES International DURACHUTE system is the choice system for roofers, scaffolding, general contractors, and construction companies. The blow-molding process makes a more resilient chute than any other on the market. The upper and lower rings add extra stability, so that the system maintains its shape regardless of length of system and the larger 32” diameter makes for efficient and effective debris removal.

    • Each section is approximately 4’ tall with 3’ 1” of usable chute length
    • Sections weigh 37 lbs (chains included)
    • Heat-Treated, Proof Tested Galvanized Chains
    • Top opening of 32” tapers to 27”

    CHUTES also offers the economical DURAFLAT Flat Plastic Trash Chutes. The DURAFLAT trash chutes are designed for the contractor, store flat, and can be assembled quickly with hand tools.

    If you want a complete trash chute system, start with the intake hopper (#0301) and basic support frame (#0310). The intake hopper and basic support frame are required for all outrigger options. You then need to choose the best outrigger for your application. Parapet wall or window (#0311), flat roof (#0314), pitched roof (#0316), or scaffolding (#0312)? They also make a safety frame (#0315) for additional security on the job site. CHUTES International has almost every application covered!

    There are other accessories as well - intermediate intake hoppers (#0305), dust gaiters (#0330) to control debris particles, protective liners (#0303) for protection from heavy debris, picking bars (#0323), and winches.

    For additional information and an installation guide, please look through the CHUTES International DURACHUTE Installation Manual or contact us.


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