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    An Applicator for pourable roofing materials like Bonding Adhesive, Cold Process and Coatings.
    • 27" Width
    • Accurately applies more than 300sq. ft. per minute
    • No waste. Simply drain unused material back into the can
    • Easily holds two buckets of material
    • Different size holes accommodate a variety of liquids
    • Durable polyethylene tanks allows easy clean up



    How fast is the Super Spreader?
    Our ads say 300 square feet per minute, but that is an average allowing for thicker materials. When applying bonding adhesive it is not hard to achieve 600 square feet per minute of gluing.

    Can I use my rollers more than one day?
    Yes. As long as the roller is soft it can still be used. While some contractors do replace their roller everyday the standard life of a roller is 3 to 4 days.

    When should the roller be replaced?
    Once the rollerʼs surface hardens, the nap of the roller can no longer spread the adhesive.

    How can the roller be preserved?
    Remove the roller from The Super Spreader. Then wrap it up in plastic or roofing membrane to keep the air from drying out the roller nap.

    Does the roller need to be removed at the end of every day?
    Yes. In order for the roller to be most effective it should be removed, even if it is going to be reused the next day.

    Is it hard to clean the polyethylene tank?
    No, not for most materials. Water based acrylic adhesives and coatings often peel out in one large piece in the shape of the tank. Solvent based bonding adhesives peel out in smaller sections, but do not stick well to the poly surface. Some cold process adhesives must “wiped” clean because they are soft and do not harden.

    What do I use for spraying the tank?
    Before each use spray the tank inside and out with silicon spray. Any type will do the job, but 3in1 brand seems to be the best.

    Can I store material in the tank overnight?

    No. The tank is open and is intended to hold material during the installation phase of the work day.

    How do I drain the tank?
    Easy. Tilt The Super Spreader back by pushing the handle down to the roof. A standard five gallon can will fit under the drain hole to collect the material.

    How can I keep the wheels clean?
    Simply apply duct tape to the wheels. When the wheels need to be cleaned cut the tape to remove any adhesive, then reapply the tape.

    How do I adjust for thicker materials?
    The Super Spreader comes with ¼” holes located 1” on center. This opening works well with bonding adhesive and acrylic coatings. Some adhesives may require larger holes to achieve an acceptable flow rate. Drill out the holes in 1/16” increments starting with a 5/16” drill bit. If more flow is needed try 3/8”. Rarely a 7/16” or ½” hole may be required.

    Should I scrape out any material in the tank with a chisel?

    No. Metal scrapers will cut through the smooth surface of the inside of the tank. These scratches provide an edge for the material to “grab” onto.

    Can I replace the Super Spreader Tank?


    Superwide Tank Spreader Demo

    Superwide Tank Spreader vs. Sprayer

    How long will a roller last?

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