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    The Vee Manifold is the better way to apply 2-part adhesives!

    Adhesive Flow is the key to a 2-part adhesive application. If the manifold becomes clogged, precious production time is lost. With the Vee Manifold, the flow path is straight, unlike traditional manifolds that can have multiple 90* bends that make cleaning dried adhesive impossible. A drill can quickly and easily restore flow to a clogged tube with the Vee manifold.

    Straight Flow Path:

    • Reduces Clogging
    • Allows for Easy Clean Out


    • 60% lighter than other manifolds
    • No greasing required
    • Production back up and running in seconds not hours
    • Eliminates daily start up and shut down producers
    • 12" x 1/4" Drill Bit provided for cleaning
    • Economical
    • Saves down time
    • Works with the OMG PaceCart & ADCO Millennium Cyclone
    • Included fittings:
      • For ADCO Millennium Cyclone : one3/8" NPTF Male x 1/2" JIC Female Swivel (6505-06-08) , and one 5/8" JIC Male X 3/8" NPTF Male Pipe (2404-10-06)
      • For Olympic OMG Pace Cart : two1/2" JIC Male x 3/8" NPTF Male Pipe (2404-08-06)


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