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    RACE-RB-F-6-90, 6” x 90° x 18" long FIXED ROOFING BRACKET

    On roofs with a 4/12 to 6/12 roof pitch, when in­stalled as a slide guard, the scaffold brackets should provide a platform that is 90 degrees to the roof’s sur­face at a point along the eave of the roof.

    For roof slopes greater than 6/ 12 up to 8/12 additional 90-degree slide guards must be installed par­allel to the first row no further than every eight feet of roof slope. Ad­ditional fall protection methods are required on slopes 8/12 or greater. When slope is greater than 4/12 and the ground to eave height is greater than 25 feet slide guards should not be used.

    - No more than one person shall occupy any given 8 feet of a Roofing Bracket Scaffold

    - Use the walking surface to stage material and ease working on steep slope roofs.

    - Always use OSHA compliant fall arrest system, guardrails, catch platforms or other safety equip­ment as required by Local, State or Federal OSHA Regulation

    - Roof Brackets are intended for use by the experienced tradesman

    - OSHA Regulations require that employers provide training in the use and care of this product

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