The Ultimate Solution to the Problems of External Pavings

The strength is in the ease of installation. The "Pedestal" paving supports are simply set on the waterproofing membrane or any other surface to be paved. After an initial adjustment, the paving is completed with extreme positioning by using the adjustment key even when all pavers are already placed.

Construct elevated decks over sloping or uneven surfaces from 1 1/2? to heights above 21? using with the Eterno SE pedestal paver system using porcelain, concrete, wood or stone pavers, avoiding the need for sub-structures of wood or steel bearers.

Self-leveling head automatically compensates for slopes up to 5% with no extra components required.

Single piece noise absorbing head with inbuilt spacer tabs permits top entry with a height adjustment tool for quick height adjustment, even after the deck is completed.

No PVC pipes to cut, no shims or pads to add, no tabs to insert, no slope adjusters to add and align.

Calculate Your Layout

The Number of Pavers x 1.33 = Approximate Number of Supports Needed

If you would like us to do it for you, we'll need a CAD Drawing (.cad file)

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