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    MonstaBag is truly unique!

    It is the only reusable debris removal dumpster bag currently on the market equipped with an efficient discharge mechanism that is reliable and easy to use.

    This one-of-a-kind high capacity pp dumpster bag is tough enough to handle impressive loads of the most abrasive types of material, yet is so light it can be carried by one person and deployed in less than five minutes.

    Unlike other disposable dumpster bags on the market MonstaBag is reusable. It can carry lots of debris, yet is small enough to fit in areas that are inaccessible to traditional dumpsters, trash trailers and metal containers.


    Safe Working Load
    2,200 lbs. (1000 Kg)
    Safety Factor

    Opening Size

    Volume Capacity


    Temperature Range

    Diagonal Axis 51"

    27 Cubic Feet

    UV treated 8 Oz. Woven pp

    Minus 40 Degrees Fahrenheit + 140 Degrees Fahrenheit
    Lifting Straps

    Breaking Load



    6,000 lbs




    The Standard MonstaBag model has an impressive safety factor of 6:1 and a load bearing capacity of 2,200 lbs (1000 Kg). This is over 50 times greater than the load bearing capacity of the strongest heavy duty plastic disposable bags currently sold on the market.

    A combination of factors give MonstaBag the ability to withstand tremendous pressure without bursting. The body of the dumpster bag is made of UV treated 8 oz. woven pp, a flexible material that is super strong and rip resistant. The lifting straps are even tougher than the pp. They are made from the same type of nylon that car manufacturers use to build seat belts and can withstand 6,000 lbs. of pressure. The straps are attached to the body of the dumpster bag using heavy gauge nylon thread that is sewn in a vertical pattern to minimize the risk of tearing when the dumpster bag is lifted.

    Because these fabrics are so strong, MonstaBag can be used to carry heavy loads repeatedly. Depending on the type and weight of debris that is hauled, these sturdy reusable bulk dumpster bags can transport between 20 and 30 loads before starting to show signs of degradation. Disposable plastic bags can only handle small loads and end up cluttering landfills after a single use, but MonstaBag can be used over and over again. As such it can dispose of large amounts of debris in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly fashion.

    Setup Instructions

    STEP 1: Unfold the bag on a flat surface.

    STEP 2: Locate the flap with straps and take it out. Make sure all other straps remain inside the bag.

    STEP 3: Secure the straps to the buckles up to the white mark to close the bottom of the bag.

    STEP 4: Fold the top edges to form a collar about 6 to 8 inches wide. This will help keep the bag open during loading.

    STEP 5: Place bag upright with base on ground and enlarge the opening. Make sure interior flaps overlap and are flat.

    MonstaBag is now ready for use.

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