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    Holds the Ladder Away From the Gutter Edge
    • Fits 5" K-style gutters. Maximum ladder width 19.5"
    • No more crushed gutters. Helps prevent ladder slippage at the gutter edge
    • Transfers weight from the gutter to the fascia
    • Does not interfere with roofing material installation
    After checking the gutter for proper installation, set the ladder up at the desired location and at the proper angle. Climb to the gutter and drop the Pro Ladder-Dok (legs first), into the gutter, directly behind the ladder. Pull the bar down until it contacts the gutter edge. If properly set, the ladder will be positioned 1/2” from the gutter.

    NOTE: Please follow manufacturers directions and cautions regarding ladder safety and set-up. No product can help if a ladder is improperly set up.

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