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    Lucas #1010 Sunblock is 100% Acrylic Elastomeric roof coating intended for application to Metal, Concrete, PVC, Existing Acrylic Coated Polyurethane Foam, Asphalt BUR, and Granule surfaced roofs. A high degree of rubber like elasticity allows this product to accommodate wide swings of temperature and significant building movement. 

    * Formulated from 100% Elastomeric Acrylic Polymers. This water based material must be kept from freezing*


    Mechanically mix before using. Do not store above 90 degrees F, apply only at temperatures above 40 degrees F and rising with less than 90% humidity and no threat of rain for 48 hours. Surface temperatures should be under 100 degrees F to avoid premature curing. If surface is hot, apply a light water spray to reduce it's temperature.

    Apply with a roller or suitable spray equipment at the rate of 1.25 gal per 100 sq. ft. A second coat is required to achieve a consistent, pin-hole free, surface approximately 20 mils thick. Drying time to first top coat at 70 degrees F is 2 to 4 hrs. Clean um uncured coating with soap and water.


    Avoid prolonged contact with or inhalation of fumes, do not take internally. If swallowed, do not induce to vomiting. Contact medical personnel immediately

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