Used in conjunction with the Roof Zone TDE-65014 Steep Slope Bracket on eave of roof.
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    Roof Zone Rake Edge may be used on 16/12 rake edges as well as eave edges 4/12 pitch and under. In conjunction with the Roof Zone Steep Slope Bracket (#65014) on eave, an OSHA complaint guardrail system may be formed on any roof. Toe-board, Mid-rail, and Upper-rail require “premium grade” 2 x 4’s, not included.

    Instructions: Maximum spacing 8 ft. Rake and steep slope guardrail brackets required around entire working area to meet OSHA compliancy. In addition, “premium grade” lumber is required for toe-boards, upper and mid–rails. After installation of eave brackets (#65014), secure rake edge brackets using 16d Coated Sinkers, Ring or Screw Shank nails. 4 Nails are required to penetrate securely into two different rafters/trusses in-board of the rake edge while placing nails in all keyholes. When used on eave edges (4/12 pitch) place nails thru all keyholes with 4 nails penetrating two different rafters/trusses.

    Inspect equipment before and after each use to be sure that there is no damage to any part of the equipment. Inspect for rust damage, discard if necessary. Any equipment subjected to a fall arrest must be removed from service immediately. Do not toss or drop guardrail equipment. Do not use if wet or frozen.

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