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    Truss Bar

    Designed for production builders who want a robust anchor point during the framing and construction of the home but do not want to leave anything permanently attached to the structure. The decking is installed over the top of the anchor but the tie off straps stay exposed to the outside protecting all trades from fall hazards. It can also be utilized in a similar fashion to the Safety Bar. Here is how it works:

    • Install the Truss Bar onto truss at predetermined locations
    • Use for fall protection during the framing and sheeting stage
    • Deck over the top of the Truss Bar
    • Feed tie off straps up through or in-between sheeting
    • All trades now have a tie off points
    • Roofer cuts off straps when house is finished
    • Truss Bar stays attached to truss but is unusable

    Made from heavy duty mild steel complete with 2’ tie off straps. 2 workers can utilize the Truss Bar for fall arrest use.

    2 Truss Anchor, Temporary Use up to 2 person 

    Min. Breaking Point: 5,000 Pounds 

    Average Tensile: 5,000 Pounds

    Material: Mild Steel, Powder Coated 

    Max. User Weight: 340 Pounds including tools and equipment

    Hardware: Stainless Steel Detent Pins

    OSHA Standard: 1926:502

    ANSI Standard: Z359.1-07 and A10.32-2012 

    Please read and understand the manufacturer instructions before using this product. 

    English Instructions | Spanish Instructions

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