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  • Nail plate with guardrail holder
  • Provides fall protection and toeboard on rake-edges
  • Installs and removes like a roof bracket
  • Interleaves with shingles
  • Works on any pitch
  • Slotted nail-holes for 16” or 24” rafter spacing
  • Meets OSHA’s 200lbs requirement both out & down
  • Maximum spacing 8’ apart (used with construction grade lumber)
  • Can be used in all phases of construction
  • Powder coated safety yellow
  • Made in America

    The unique 12075 can be used along the rake edge in conjunction with Acro’s proven 12070 residential guardrail bracket along the eave edge for the ideal full guardrail system. Two sets of 2 x 4's are used with a toe board to form a continuous guardrail around the entire roof edge. This innovative full guardrail system is easy to install, move & remove, on any pitch 16/12 and under. This allows the guardrails to be put up early in the new construction process or even prior to shingle removal on a tear off; and easily moved without having to take the system down. Acro now offers a way to comply fully with OSHA’s 2011 requirements without the need of any other safety equipment.
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