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    Item #AAS-A-60

    One step above the A-40 melter. It's perfect for those in between jobs with the efficiency to match larger kettles. As with the A-110, the A-60 is easily accommodated in commercial elevators, it fits through standard 34" doorways and comes equipped with optional castors for easy movement. Pump System also avaiable in gas or electric drive. Material ready in less than 30 minutes.

    This compact, liquid propane, under-fired kettle has the same oil-less design, no messy oil which reduces warm-up time to approximately 20 minutes. Extra high temperature insulation permits movement from one roof deck to another without burning the operator. These small dimensions allow it to fit into any elevator or through a standard doorway and the interchangeable power pack allows the contractor to purchase the super-quiet electric unit which is suited to a specific job where noise restrictions may be of concern.

    Heat Transfer Oil: None Required
    Capacity (Custom Sizes Available): 50 Imp. Gallons
    Agitator: Honda 4.0 H.P. Air-Cooled Engine or 110V Electric
    Overall Dimensions (kettle only): L-59" W-33 5/8 " H-45"
    Burner: Adjustable Liquid Propane 1 X 500,000 BTU
    Temperature Controls: Optional
    Inner Shell: 3/16" Rolled Steel
    Outer Shell: 1/8" Rolled Steel
    Insulated Jacket: 2" High Temp. Fiberglass
    Shipping Weight (kettle only): 1250 lbs.
    Optional Trailer: NONE
    Suspension 4" Drop Axle: 3500 lb.Axle and Springs
    Tires: 2 X 6.00 X 14"
    Trailer Chassis: 4" Steel Channel
    Brakes: Optional
    Tow Hitch: As ordered c/w safety chain
    Pump: Optional 1 1/2" Viking
    Horizontal Wand Pumping System: Optional