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    Lucas Neoprene Cement is a premium synthetic rubber based sealant and caulk. It is

    intended for flashing, sealing and repairing metal roofs and trailers, built-up roofing, modified

    bitumen, TPO and many other single ply systems. Lucas Neoprene is ideal for caulking

    termination bars, metal flashings and fasteners. #100 is strong, elastic, and adheres to most

    common roofing materials. Lucas Neoprene Cement may be used to caulk and repair EPDM

    rubber roofs. #100 is black.

    Lucas Neoprene Cement is manufactured from a 100% synthetic rubber base. It contains no

    asphalt or other bituminous material. Lucas Neoprene is formulated to apply easily by trowel or

    caulking gun. High solids content and light weight allow Lucas Neoprene to fill gaps up to 2”

    wide and can be easily troweled and shaped as desired. Lucas Neoprene also contains anti-

    oxidants and anti-ozonants for extended life and reinforcing fibers that add strength and



    Apply Lucas Neoprene as it comes from the container with either a trowel or caulking gun.

    Surface must be free of oil and dirt. Lucas Neoprene Cement will adhere to wet and underwater

    surfaces. Apply 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick using a standard pointed roofer’s trowel. Feather all edges

    of the repair. When using a caulking gun apply a bead at least 1/4 inch thick. For single-ply

    systems, consult the manufacturer to insure compatibility. EPDM that is not fully adhered will

    swell upon contact with this product. Do not use this product as a shingle tab cement. For a

    shingle tab cement or modified bitumen adhesive refer to our #766 Elastomeric Cement.


    Combustible mixture, keep away from heat and open flame. Avoid prolonged contact with

    skin. If irritation occurs seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Read MSDS

    prior to use.


    Viscosity: Heavy Paste

    Recommended rate of application: 4-8 gal. Per 100 sq. ft.

    % Solids: 58 min

    % Non-volatile: 65 max

    Weight per gallon: 8.0 lbs.

    Dry to touch: 4 to 24 hours

    Dry throughout: 10 days

    Total cure time: 30 days

    Moisture Transmission ASTM E96: .15 perms

    Tensile Strength ASTM D-412: 600 psi min.

    Elongation ASTM D-412: 400%

    Recovery (nominal): 90%

    Flash Point (TCC): +100°F (38.7°C)

    Color: Black

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