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    Basic Use
    Eternabond WebSeal Tape is used to seal roof joints (seams) and tears, flashings, copings, skylights, gutters, etc. Perfect for repairing and restoring roofs on mobile homes and RVs. Extremely flexible, with no memory, so WebSeal conforms to virtually any shape without springing back. WebSeal also seals to itself so it can be cut and folded around an object, as if wrapping a present.

    Eternabond WebSeal utilizes EternaBond’s advanced MicroSealant™ Technology, a 100% solids formulation of synthetic resins, thermoplastics and non-curing rubber (non butyl) with a built in primer, bonded to a woven polyester backing for maximum conformability. Designed not to harden under even the most rigorous conditions. Sag temp > 200ºF. Adhesive is protected (while in a roll) by a tough, easily removed siliconized polymer release liner, which prevents contamination prior to its use. All materials are prefabricated to provide uniform thickness.

    Technical Data
    Standard roll size: 2", 4", 6", 8", 12", 24", 36" X 50’
    Standard case quantity: 100 sq. ft. per case
    Available widths: Up to 48"
    Total thickness: 30 mils (1mm)
    Adhesion: 19lbs/in width
    Low temp flexibility: Excellent
    Temperature range: -70°F - >200°F
    Pliability: No cracks in membrane
    Water vapor test (ASTME 96B): .005 grms/100" sq./24hrs/100°F
    Permanence: .001 perms maximum
    Elongation: >500%
    Application temp: >150°F to -20°F (with EternaPrime)
    Shelf life: Up to 5 years

    Surface Preparation

    Surface must be clean and dry; free of loose rust and scale, dust, talc, and dirt. Oil, grease, and other contaminants should be removed with a suitable solvent/cleaner. Use of EternaPrime reduces clean up. For older plastic roofs, score surface with sand cloth and wipe away dust.

    Install Eternabond WebSeal over the repair area, removing the siliconized plastic release liner gradually to prevent contamination of the adhesive prior to application. Rub or roll with pressure with hand or steel roller to activate bonding process. This material may be applied to clean dry surfaces from 150ºF+ to -20ºF. Treat surface with EternaPrime for installations from 40°F to -20°F. A topcoat of roof coating is necessary for UV protection.

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