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    • Wood or Metal Deck Applications
    • 5,000 lb. anchorage point
    • Forged alloy D-ring
    • Painted steel construction
    • Includes 20 16D nails for single use
    • 3 lbs. total weight

    * This anchor may be installed on steel decking with a minimum material thickness of 22 gauge (.030 inch) over Z-purlins with a minimum material thickness of 16 gauge (.064 inch). The maximum span between purlins is 6 feet. Twelve 1/4"-14 screws are required to fasten the anchor. The screws should be of sufficient length so that at least 5 threads are exposed beyond the bottom of the purlin. The screws must be located on the outer two of the long rows of holes, through every other hole. Every screw must penetrate the Z-purlin. The holes in the anchor will need to be drilled out to 1/4" diameter. The anchor should not be used as a permanent anchor once the holes have been drilled out.

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