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Caulk Warmer - 12 Tube
Maintains Caulk at 80* even when the outside temperature drops to -13*!
Price: $74.95

Caulk Warmer - 12 Tubes Vinyl inner lining 1" nylon strap with quick disconnect, Velcro closure on flap Heavy duty industrial cord Handy cord storage pocket 18" high x 15" wide x 3" deep 120V AC, 50W Holds: 12 standard caulk tubes 7 quart size caulk tubes 7 sausage size caulk tubes 12 grease cartridges 8 cans foam 12 rolls sealing tape

5 Gallon Pail Warmer 0609-PLW5
No more cold, difficult to apply coatings!
Price: $79.95

5 Gallon Pail Warmer Inner nylon lining Enclosed heated element Plugs into standard 120V AC, 50W Heavy duty industrial cord Convenient cord storage pouch on front Velcro closure with adjustable cinch straps 11.5" High x 41" long Internal temperature controlled to maintain constant temperature

20 lb. Cylinder Warmer Wrap 0609-PLWC
Fits 20 lb. Propane or Foam Cylinder
Price: $79.95

li>Fits 20 lb. Propane or Foam Cylinder Outer: Heavy Duty Nylon Shell CPAI 84 - 2000 PSI Middle: Heat Reflecting Flexible Barrier Insulation: Closed Cell Polypropylene Inner Lining: Nylon Velcro Closure & Adjustable Cinch Straps Heavy Duty Industrial Cord Handy Cord Storage Pocket Color: Red 11.5” High x 41” Long 120 VAC - 50 Watts Maximum Temp 85°

Powerblanket Lite 55-Gallon Barrel Heater- Full Coverage
Drum Warmer 120VAC, 400 Watts, 3.33 Amps
Price: $359.95

Designed to provide just the right amount of heat to keep your product from freezing temperatures. If stored properly, chemicals, paints, and other products will last longer and be more effective. Preset internal thermostat prevents product temperature from going above 125º F (+ - 5º F/3º C) Provide an insulated full-wrap design Safely heats valuable materials without scorching or burning Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures 120VAC, 400 Watts, 3.33 AmpsVinyl...