Why Buy Flexotherm?

One of the main reasons we decided to offer a more robust design was due to direct calls and demand for a product that would last in a contractor type environment EVEN if they handled things aggressively as we all know they can do. We take our time looking at different heating methods outside the traditional resistance wire type heater for a few reasons. Mainly, if you bend a resistance wire it immediately becomes weaker at that point. Slowly but surely it starts to promote failure in that area, eventually either shorting or having some form of a thermal event. We know this based on a continual review of the competitors and their current offerings. ALL of them had the same weakness. Knowing that detail we decided to move to a NEW technology and presented the Nano-Carbon FAR INFRARED style method. This will still be hot to the touch like the competition; however, it provides a few other advantages: Far Infrared heating not only creates heat similar to resistance wire, but it targets the material being heated. This gives a more thorough, consistent heat throughout the products we tested. Secondly, it’s self-limiting. This means we do not have to rely on thermostats to control the appliance. A thermostat used as control is ALWAYS the weakest link in these products and the major failure mode. We use our thermostat for backup overheat protection...NOT control.

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Flexotherm - 5 Gallon Heated Blanket 50C/122F
Flexothermâ„¢? 5-Gallon 122 Degree Barrel-Heater is a custom designed, high quality...
Price: $284.95

Flexotherm 5-Gallon 122 Degree Barrel-Heater is a custom designed, high quality pail/bucket blanket suitable for a wide variety of plastic, fiber, and metal containers.Flexotherm heated blankets offer an even and continuous heat source for any type of job you need done.Features: Outfitted with a GFCI for extra security for both the product and userHigh Efficiency Carbon Heating Grid evenly distributes heat over the entire blanket areaHeating element, unlike others, decrease current as...