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    Free Shipping! Wheel Kit Included!
    • 5000 Watt with Subaru EX27 9.0 HP for heavy-duty applications in the worst conditions
    • 8 gallon tank for 15.4 hours run time at 75% load
    • 4 outlets: (2) 120V GFCI, (1) 240V TL with Cover, (1) 120/ 240V TL with Cover, Volt and Hour Meter, Circuit Breaker
    • Compact yet super heavy duty tubular frame
    • Clear and simple instructions

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    Reviewer: Roy Priser on 9/6/2020

    I have owned one of these machines es for close to 15 yrs. It has always performed superbly.seriously considering purchasing another.

    Reviewer: BAB on 7/11/2020

    Excellent generator - best I have ever owned
    I’ve owned this generator for 15 years. Bought it for my fishing/hunting camp to run lights, refrigerator and window A/C. Had to get refrigerator compressor started first and then it could handle the A/C compressor. Easy to start after being used / stored for several months. Secret is to use gas conditioner to keep gas ‘healthy’ and before placing in storage turn fuel valve off and run gas out of the system. Would sit unused for 3 - 4 months and then start right up.