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    The Power Tower-Portable Power Distribution System,

    the first product of its kind to provide a fully integrated

    Emergency Activation System (EAS).

    When activated the EAS alarm will sound at 120

    decibels. Each Power Tower Distribution Center will

    provide back up power for up to one hour all while the

    Emergency Power Failure LED Beacon illuminates your

    exit path. And that’s only the beginning…


    • Emergency Alert System (EAS) 

    • 120 Decibel Loud Siren 

    • 10/20 lb. Fire Extinguisher Mount 

    • Safe Line Retractable Stanchion Belt 

    • 15 Amp / 125 Volt Duplex Receptacle Outlets 

    • 15 Amp / 125 / Volt GFCI 

    • 4 Port High Speed USB Charger 

    • TDS Tool Organizer / Caddy 

    • Extension Cord Mounting Bracket 

    • Emergency Power Failure LED Beacon 

    • One Hour Emergency Back Up Battery 

    • High visibility TS22 Safety Paint

    Additional Information


    Tie Down Safety’s Portable Power Distribution Systems

    are made from Heavy Duty Aluminum and are built to

    last. Lightweight and easy grip Dolly Style handle makes the

    Power easy to relocate or transport to another job site.

    All of our safety products are coated with our proprietary High

    Visibility TS22 Safety Paint to endure UV degradation.


    Applications including but not limited to construction sites,

    plant maintenance, plant turnarounds, hazardous location

    operations, shows, exhibits, shipyards, warehouses and

    much more.


    125 Volt Circuit Power. Power Tower Portable Power

    Distribution Center is engineered with the latest in GFCI

    technology that provides users with the highest level of

    electrical power. Equipped with neutral and reverse phasing

    protection. Each duplex outlet provides 15A/125V currents

    and one GFCI-protected circuit. Charge smart phones,

    tablets, laptops and tools. Power Tower- Portable Distribution

    System. The Power of Emergency Management.

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