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    Lucas #550 helps prevent the cause of low R-Value, a badly insulated roof can have plenty of leakage during winter days. An icy roof can make it hard to spot where the affected leakage area is. Lucas #550 acts as an emergency sponge, soaking up all the water from thawed out ice immediately. Water will find a way to drain in to the ceiling from an aged roof or something as simple as screw & nail holes. This temporary fix helps save a lot of money by prevent water from getting in your office, home, store or warehouse.

    Lucas #550 is a fast and effective product for temporarily stopping leaks in all types of low-slope roofs. Manufactured from gel forming bentonite clay, #550 forms a watertight barrier when exposed to water. Ideal for stopping leaks during rainstorms, in ponding areas or in winter when there is snow on the roof. Formed into free-flowing micro-pellets, Lucas #550 pours easily from the spout on its’ reusable waterproof plastic container. The small pellet size exposes a greater surface area resulting in a faster gel and water stopping seal.


    Remove the cap from the lid of the pail and pull the spout to extend it fully prior to unscrewing the cap. To seal a leak, pour the #550 over the suspected leak area 1/2 to 1 inch thick. When using as a barrier, pour in a circle around the area to be repaired as needed to block the flow of water. Remove water from inside of the circle with a wetvac. Dry the surface and repair as necessary. #550 may also be used as a night seal. Pour onto the exposed edge of the roof to prevent moisture entry from heavy dew or unexpected rain. Sweep off and resume work when desired.

    Alternate application. Lucas #550 is an excellent allpurpose absorbent. Use to contain and absorb spills of fuel, oils, coatings etc.

    Clean Up: Soap and water.

    Shelf Life: Indefinite.

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