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    The new Falltech Chain Roof Anchor, is a highly portable and reusable anchor to be used on residential and commercial wood structures. 

    The Anchors O-Ring serves as the attachment point for either a PFAS or on HLL system. With it's heavy steel anchoring plates and flexible belted rubber center, the Chain Roof Anchor can be installed either on the ridge or on the field of a roof and may be used on flat or pitched surfaces. The Anchor is Easily installed with nails as a Single-Point anchor for personal fall arrest or restraint, or when attached with Lag bolts and used in tandem, the Chain Roof anchor can connect to a temporary horizontal lifeline system, increasing worker mobility and getting the job done right.


    • May be installed on flat or pitched surfaces, on ridge or on field
    • Durable Power Coated steel anchoring plates
    • Grade 80 Chain and 5000 lb. tensile strength anchoring point
    • 16 "D" nail and 2-1/2" Lag bolts included
    • OSHA Compliant
    • Must be used in tandem to connect FallTech Temporary Horizontal lifelines

    7493A Instruction Manual

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