New 9 in. Roller Frame Withstanding Solvent-Based Adhesives

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Paint roller frames are often used to spread roofing bonding adhesive, but some contractors are reporting that certain types of adhesives are causing their roller frames to break. The problem is caused by solvent-based adhesives. We don't know the science behind it, but somehow the chemicals found in the solvent-based adhesive eat away at the plastic handle on the roller frames and cause damage. We've had reports of the plastic handle cracking or the metal rod spinning freely inside the plastic handle, making it impossible to continue use.

Want to eliminate this problem? Our new 9 inch heavy duty roller frames are designed specifically for the roofing contractor and this application. We won't bore you with details of plastic composition, molds and rod swedges, but we've made improvements to all these factors! After getting our hands on the new and improved roller frames, we focused on testing the frames under EXTREME conditions. First, we submerged our 9" Heavy Duty Roller Frame in a 5 gallon bucket of solvent-based adhesive for over a week. We then pulled it out, screwed in a 5 ft metal threaded wood handle and began rolling solvent-based adhesive. We thought a week of full submersion in glue would result in a ruined or flimsy roller frame, but what we found was a roller frame that refused to break! We really leaned on the handle and frame to try and snap it, but it wouldn't break. If these roller frames can withstand a week long glue bath and our abusive testing, they'll easily withstand normal use on your next project!

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