Roofing Fall Protection Kits Provide OSHA Compliance in a Bucket

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Roofing fall protection kits are designed to help meet OSHA's residential roofing directive. The kits provide compliance to roofers on most residential roofing applications. Most kits include a reusable anchor point, 50ft lifeline, shock absorbing lanyard, rope grab and safety harness. You'll find substantial savings when kits are purchased instead of buying all of the components separately.

In addition to residential roofing buckets, we offer fall protection equipment for many other applications, including commercial roofing and construction. You can View All Fall Protection Products, including anchors, carabiners, guardrail systems, harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, rope grabs, snap hooks, perimeter warning line systems and much more! Looking for something you can't find on our website? Please let us know!

For more information about our roofing fall protection kits and a complete listing of fall protection products, visit

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