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    RhinoTrac ToolX8

    Can be used up to a 8 inch fastener.

    Automated Insulation Attachment Tool for Installing RhinoBond Plates and Fasteners

    OMG RhinoTrac provides the lowest installed cost for mechanical insulation attachment. RhinoTrac simultaneously drops a RhinoBond plate and drives the fastener, saving both time and manpower. This easy-to-operate tool minimizes operator fatigue as it eliminates continual bending or kneeling to drive screws. It's a simple way to dramatically increase your rooftop productivity.

    Features & Benefits
    Depth adjustment ring eliminates overdriving or under-driving fasteners, while providing consistent vertical alignment. This ensures maximum thread engagement and pullout performance.
    Anti-jam feeder tube reduces jamming caused by double-feeding fasteners.
    100 plate well allows for long runs without interruption.
    The RhinoTrac Boot is interchangeable with the AccuTrac and AccuSeam tools.


    Benefits and Features

    - The Depth Adjustment Ring Eliminates Over-driving and Under-driving of fasteners while providing consistent vertical alignment. Ensuring maximum thread engagement and pull out performance

    - For Versatility, the AccoTrac tool handles two types of plate: A Flat Bottom Plate for Hard Boards and Counter Sunk Plates for normal applications

    -Universal Drive Shaft accepts: Hex and Philips Drive Bits

    -The Anti-Jam feeder tube reduces jamming caused by double-feeding fasteners

    - Chances of downtime are greatly reduced

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