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    Whether setting up a guardrail system around the perimeter of a roof or closing off a floor opening, the system will prevent personnel from falling to a lower level, thus eliminating the fall hazard. This system can protect employees with little or no training, special maintenance or gear. The system can be used for unprotected roof edges, floor hatchways or chutes, leading edge decks, floor or wall openings, elevator shafts, and more. The Portable Construction Guardrail Stanchion can be installed on a parapet wall or on the edge of a slab. In either configuration the clamp may be used on structures 6 to 24 in. (15.2 – 61 cm) thick. The rapid thickness adjustment design speeds installation.

    • Portable construction guardrail system
      Acts as a barrier preventing personnel from falling to lower levels, eliminating the fall hazard.
    • Mounts in both parapet and edge grab configurations
      Allows single system to be used for multiple applications for added versatility and economy.
    • Adjustable clamping system from 6 in. to 24 in. (15.2-61 cm)
      An extremely fast and simple clamping mechanism offers added productivity and user satisfaction.
    • Supports both wood and concrete structures
      System can be used in multiple applications for jobiste flexibililty and economy.
    • Extremely rugged and corrosion resistant
      A zinc plated steel construction offers added durability and extended field longevity.
    • For use with standard 2 x 4 wood materials (user supplied)
      Designed for use with common jobsite wood materials for easy jobsite management.
    • Supports top and mid-rail guardrails (toe-board in edge grab configuration)
      Offers complete compliance, safety and peace of mind for your workers and those below.

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